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How to Effectively Manage Your Virtual Team

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

At Outsourcing Gem, we frequently get the question, "How do you lead a remote team when members are in different countries? Working with a virtual team can make managing distant teams challenging at times.

However, many companies throughout the globe have also chosen to adopt the idea of a virtual workspace. This is due to the fact that, despite the fact that managing a remote team is unique and does provide some unique obstacles, it is quite feasible and has many advantages.

Do you still find changing your existing work system to be intimidating? Even if you've never managed a team of virtual assistants before, keep reading as we walk you through the fundamental ideas that will enable you to do so successfully.

The Truth Be Told: Is Managing Virtual Teams Difficult?

While leading distant teams can be challenging, so can leading teams in person. In actuality, leading a remote team is simpler than most people believe. To create a powerful remote virtual team, you only need the appropriate formula.

For those who don't know what we do, Outsourcing Angel is an Australian virtual assistant firm that employs the majority of its virtual assistants in the Philippines, but they are also located in Singapore, Malaysia, and other places.

Additionally, the majority of the VAs they hire via us are based in the Philippines. You might be considering the logistical difficulties brought on by having multiple time zones, but what if we told you that we are still able to manage to keep things running quite efficiently in spite of those difficulties?

First, it's crucial to understand that, despite some significant drawbacks, working remotely offers many advantages. Here are a few examples:

Our team members are adaptable.

  • Because we don't have to dine out or commute every day, the entire staff can save time and money.

  • No matter where they are, we acquire the top talent.

  • We can use foreign exchange to offer residents of underdeveloped nations access to highly competitive salaries

  • We remain nimble.

  • We have a proactive mindset.

How to Run Remote Team Management Like a Rockstar

Setting up mechanisms for efficient team management is the key to overcoming any difficulties that virtual work may provide. Wendy, the general manager of Outsourcing Angel, shared some tips on how she has managed the company's remote crew successfully despite the distance. Wendy has been a rock star member of the Outsourcing Angel family who keeps everything operating over the years. She now manages more than a hundred virtual assistants and contributes to seamless operations! Simply told, she is AMAZING at figuring out virtual teams.

The way things used to operate might not be relevant today given how swiftly the world has transitioned into a digital era. There are significant contrasts between traditional and virtual leadership, even though many aspects are the same in both. In the virtual workplace, the traditional leadership style that most business owners employ does not function.

Leadership mindsets have altered recently, much like the workplace. So how does one cultivate a virtual leader's mindset? The following are some significant adjustments that you must learn how to make when managing virtual assistants.

Stop micromanaging; you can't just tell your staff what to do because you can't meet them face to face. Being a manager who enjoys yelling and rashly ordering people about may actually backfire on you later on because no one wants to work with a boss like that.

Keep an open mind when it comes to technology because there are so many incredible online team management solutions available. Slack, Zoom, Asana, Calendly, Google Suite, and other tools are examples. But because we believe we aren't "techy" people, we continue to limit ourselves to technology. But modern technology is often quite straightforward. Our mentality is occasionally the sole problem.

Don't be a dictatorial boss; instead, adopt a servant leadership style. People who desire to leave the conventional workplace often start careers as virtual assistants. In light of this, be sure to provide them with a healthy work atmosphere so they can fulfill their deepest desires.

Adopt a "virtual first" mentality, which requires you to consider your virtual team in all of your decisions. As simple as that may seem, you'd be shocked at how frequently someone used to work with onsite teams could forget they are part of an online team when planning activities like virtual team building and meetings.

Communication that is Honest and Transparent

Sincerity be told, life entails more than only labor. We are all humans at the end of the day. Knowing that someone is there to listen to you and sees you as more than just another employee is also undoubtedly comforting.

Lead your staff well and establish your company for the long run.

How you empower your virtual workforce will play a big part in your success. It's not about them making you feel important; that's not leadership. To make someone shine brighter than they believe they are capable of, you must shine the light on them.

Instill in them the idea that they are capable of tremendous things. This is how you effectively manage a group of people, regardless of where they are located.

We at Outsourcing Gem continue to advocate for these things. We want our clients to expand so that they can successfully expand their teams. The business expands as the team does. Your time will be freed up if you are successful in creating a high-performing virtual team, allowing you to concentrate on making decisions that are more important than the tiny ones you make every day. You can get time freedom in this way by working with virtual assistants.

Do you possess the necessary skills to oversee a remote virtual team? Book a FREE discovery call with us now if you want to take on the challenge but are unsure of how to accomplish it, and we'll help you get going right away!


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