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Why You Should Hire a Virtual Assistant in the Philippines

Although hiring remote workers has become the standard, some companies are still exploring the idea of outsourcing to virtual assistants in the Philippines.

For this reason, we've chosen to provide our advice on finding virtual assistants from the Philippines who can integrate naturally into your company, based on more than 10 years of outsourcing expertise.

Filipino virtual assistants are 13% of the global workforce and for a good reason.

Not only is it a widely sought-after position in the Philippines, but it is also simple for businesses from around the world to find a dependable virtual assistant due to the level of talent, low cost of living, and cultural similarities.

The following are a few of the main justifications why our long-standing clients at Outsourcing Gem have kept on hiring their virtual assistants in the Philippines:

Language Proficiency

More than 95% of Filipinos are competent in English, and many of them are also exceptionally proficient writers. Due to their excellent communication skills, virtual assistants are excellent candidates for jobs like online customer assistance, lead outreach, lead generation, and content development.

Less expensive cost of living

You'll be astonished by how much you'll save when outsourcing to a virtual assistant and paying them compensation as opposed to hiring a local employee. The average cost of living for a person in the Philippines is P30,000 a month or around $650-700, more than half the average cost of living in Australia, the United States, and Europe.

Therefore, even if you paid the minimum of P30,000, you would still be saving a lot of money on labor costs and contributing to someone in the Philippines' ability to live well. Furthermore, if you paid them more, you would be assisting someone in leading a very pleasant life. According to our observations, many of our virtual assistants in the Philippines have been able to buy homes, take trips, and even aid people in need while living fantastic lives for themselves and their families.

Motivation and Commitment

We've seen clients engage inexpensive virtual freelancers through platforms like Upwork or Freelancer just to get ghosted in the process. This typically occurs when you hire a freelancer who isn't committed to working for your company long-term. In reality, they most likely juggle so many clients at once that you’re not on top of their priority list.

However, a long-term virtual assistant position is highly sought-after in the Philippines. In addition to the advantages of a work-life balance and avoiding the horrendous traffic in the Philippines, VA companies like Outsourcing Angel also provide further benefits like:

• Bonuses and prizes for employees

• Surprises for birthdays and anniversaries

• Business excursions and face-to-face meetings

• Covered by health insurance

When you outsource with us, we give your Filipino virtual assistant all of these benefits in order to keep them content and motivated.

Flexible Time Zone Difference

The Philippines is only behind Australia's easternmost region by around two hours (3 hours during daylight saving time), That makes it simple to work comfortably late into the evening with your team members without having to worry about waking them up too early. while the Philippines is 12 to 15 hours ahead of the US, it is easier to match the work hours and Filipino VAs are used to working during the graveyard shift.

The journey will be long and fascinating, and it will start when you hire a virtual assistant from the Philippines. Along the road, you'll also need to develop mutually and invest in your virtual assistant by providing them with guidance, coaching, and mentorship. You and your company will gain as your virtual assistant expands. Therefore, avoid considering training as a cost. But as an investment.

Are you ready to transform and grow your business? Let’s talk, book a discovery call today.


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