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Our Services

Trust us to find you the best-outsourced staff in the Philippines

How can you make your company successful and grow? You start by lowering operating costs, streamlining business operations, and putting into practice clever techniques that boost general productivity and efficiency. You may expand your business to new heights and save a lot of time and money by hiring a virtual staff from the Philippines.

You have the freedom to focus on key business processes thanks to our services' exceptional flexibility and unrivaled competence. You may outperform your rivals, boost productivity, and uphold a good work-life balance with the help of our Gems. Now is high time to get started!

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What We Do For You

You likely already heard that outsourcing to the Philippines could cost half as much or less than hiring a local employee, but you could have been concerned that there might be constraints associated with that. How would you handle an outsourced staff? How would you even start searching for someone who could collaborate well with your team? You won't have to worry about any of that when you work with us, though!


We source, interview & hire qualified outsourced staff.


We provide fast recruitment and replacement.


We manage your HR and payroll requirements.


Your outsourced staff performance is monitored.


Forever customer support.


We support you to focus on scaling up your business.

Our Tried & Tested Process

Our six-step hiring procedure will evaluate candidates for quality while our operations manager helps you get ready to propel yourself to a new level of productivity. So that you don't have to, we search through the resumes.

Strategy Map

Hiring an outsourced talent is not a one size fits all. So we start your journey with a Discovery Call to talk about your requirements and what you expect from your outsourced staff.

You don't need to spend hours screening resumes, our sourcing and recruitment specialists will do it for you.

Talent Screening

Panel Interview

We do the initial interviews to make sure that we only send you resumes of your strongest candidates for you to meet via a panel interview.

Client Interview

We will send the profiles and resumes of our shortlisted candidates. Just give us a heads up and we will organize the interviews of your top 3 candidates.


We handle your chosen candidate's orientation and onboarding including all operations process, including project management platforms, and other systems needed to make sure your chosen Gem is ready for you from day one.

Support and Benefits

Our staff is trained well by us, this will take the burdens off your shoulders.



With our support, you’ll have a guarantee to have a successful relationship with your Gem.

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