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Why Outsource From the Philippines?

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

At Outsourcing Gem, we like assisting businesses and entrepreneurs in enjoying these advantages. We are a Philippines-based outsourcing business that has dedicated more than ten years to educating people about the advantages of outsourcing for businesses. Let's discuss how you may currently reap these advantages for your company.

The Basics of Outsourcing

Outsourcing is the process of hiring an outsourced staff, oftentimes a Virtual Assistant, to handle a certain set of activities. You reduce your workload and spend more time and energy on the aspects of your company that excite you as a result.

Many business owners today use virtual staff to reduce their overhead costs by eliminating the need for office space. This arrangement appears like a wonderful choice for small firms given that most employees are shifting toward hybrid or entirely remote work arrangements.

What can busy entrepreneurs delegate to Virtual Assistants in terms of tasks? They are capable of performing a variety of activities, including data entry, scheduling, administration, social media management, graphic design, website upkeep, customer support, blog authoring, landing page construction, email marketing, lead management, and many others.

You can either hire a Virtual Assistant yourself or hunt for a business that contracts out work to qualified Virtual Assistants. For your convenience, these HR outsourcing providers handle everything, including payroll, support services, interviewing, and hiring.

At our business, we adore doing it. We take care of outsourcing for business owners because it offers a lot of great advantages to many managers and owners of companies all around the world. Please feel free to contact our outsourcing specialist, Heidi, to set up a discovery call if you'd like to learn more about our services.

What advantages do hiring Virtual Assistants Have?

We have been assisting organizations to select the ideal Virtual Assistants for their needs for more than ten years. We have repeatedly noticed these five common outsourcing benefits that our clients have experienced.

  • Increased efficiency and innovation

  • Significant ROI improvement

  • accelerated business expansion

  • increased access to new skills and resources

  • geographical independence

These are some of the primary factors that contribute to the success of our clients' businesses after outsourcing. Let's examine each of these advantages in greater detail and see how your business or organization may begin to experience them.

1. Boost Creativity and Efficiency

Imagine being forced to manage a whole company by yourself. As absurd as it may sound, everything from social media management to client negotiations to keeping track of meeting minutes. This way of living is not only wasteful but also unsustainable. Furthermore, it prevents creativity in your company because you are unable to study and experiment with fresh approaches to expanding your empire.

The majority of business owners nowadays are facing this issue. They frequently have the mentality that they must handle everything on their own. We believe we can save money, which is one of the key reasons behind our style of thinking. The truth, however, is quite the contrary. We lose out on a lot of money-making chances when we handle everything on our own, simply because we don't have the time to concentrate on the crucial tasks. In order to grow and scale your business, you can do what you do best by outsourcing Virtual Assistant services to an overseas employee or firm. Always keep in mind that productive time invested in your business equates to product revenues.

Consider how productive you will be if you outsource to Virtual Assistants. If you have a trustworthy assistant or team, you may now focus your efforts on important projects like developing your brand, making contacts, forging strategic alliances, increasing the reach of your product distribution, and many other executive-level activities.

Your Virtual Assistant's role is to assist in putting these ideas into action while you focus on the crucial responsibilities. When efficiency is your goal, just think about the endless possibilities! Now that everyone has a manageable burden, everyone contributes significantly. That implies that we can now complete each duty expertly and passionately.

2. Income from investment

Although first hiring a Virtual Assistant appears to be an investment, it will all be worthwhile in the end. What business owners don't realize is that not making the most of your time is actually the most costly error you and your company can make. Additionally, outsourcing might really result in cost savings, particularly if you hire abroad.

So what is the price of hiring a Virtual Assistant? One of the greatest nations for producing knowledgeable Virtual Assistants is the Philippines. Virtual Assistants in the Philippines typically charge $10 or less per hour, which is much less than the equivalent prices in Australia, the United States, or other first-world nations.

In addition to having low labor expenses, the Philippines also has much lower costs for hiring, training, and providing healthcare benefits. In addition to having reasonable labor prices, the Philippines also has much lower costs for hiring, training, and healthcare benefits.

Of course, we're not disparaging experts from developed nations. These experts might also concentrate on management and leadership positions. That's what we do at our company, and we couldn't be happier with the setup! But it's important to know that there are other possibilities if you have a tight budget. What you should know is as follows. The outsourcing sector is currently one of the top global job producers. This industry alone creates 1 million employees in the Philippines, thus you're also helping a lot of people by creating job opportunities!

3. Business Growth

The main reason why many of our clients at Outsourcing choose to work with us when they've made the decision to engage a Virtual Assistant is because of this perk. In the past, many business owners have asked us for advice on how to expand their enterprises.

By hiring a Virtual Assistant, you can save money on office supplies, utilities, and equipment. According to one study, implementing a virtual work environment can help a business save up to $15,000 per employee. This is so that your Virtual Assistant can work remotely. This implies that you can recruit more Virtual Assistants for the same budget as local employees. And as you save more money, your firm becomes more profitable! In the end, every dollar saved

  • Profit-sharing arrangements

  • servicing more customers

  • the control of client relationships

  • enhancing their marketing initiatives

  • Looking for a Virtual Assistant with experience and dependability?

  • In order to locate you a Virtual Assistant who matches your requirements and melds effortlessly into your company, our Outsourcing Specialist is available to discuss all of your business needs.

4. Access to Fresh Information and Resources

Even if your internal team may be excellent at what they do, there are some tasks that call for specialized knowledge, skills, or expertise that your internal team either lacks or just doesn't have time for.

Although your in-house team is necessary to realize your goal, bear in mind that Virtual Assistants have certain skill sets, skills, and domain knowledge to provide.

Although your in-house team is necessary to realize your goal, bear in mind that Virtual Assistants have certain skill sets, skills, and domain knowledge to provide. The good news is that outsourcing will give you access to them. Rapid learning and knowledge acquisition within your organization become inevitable the moment you capitalize on these skill sets.

Instead of burdening yourself or your local team with the entire workload, you may engage a professional who will complete the task faster and to a higher standard. Not only have you spared your team from doing unpleasant labor, but you've also graciously allowed them to concentrate on their areas of expertise so you can develop your company.

5. Location

Hiring a Virtual Assistant is the best course of action for organizations that support geographical independence now that the world is increasingly accepting of the concept of working remotely. As long as they have internet access, Virtual Assistants are free to operate from anywhere in the world. As a matter of fact, Outsourcing Gems has clients who travel internationally, making it the ideal profession for digital nomads.


If you can't keep up with the pace of how quickly the world is changing, you will fall behind. Hiring a Virtual Assistant to complete time-consuming activities is the most practical strategy to set up the direction of your organization for success. This encourages effective time management on the part of your staff.

Entrepreneurs who outsource see rapid growth and gain greater control over their whole lives. This enables them to concentrate more on tasks that are crucial and might lead to business chances and dramatic expansion. They may also have more time to travel, spend with their families or relationships, and acquire new experiences that will enrich their lives.

If you’re excited to experience the benefits of outsourcing, book a free discovery call with us today and let’s hire your first Virtual Assistant!

Let’s find you the perfect Gem! Book a FREE Discovery Call Today.


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